Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Radio Flyer Flies Into the Pit

I am now safely back from my second student trip to Boston, and after a night's sleep in my own bed, I'm ready to get back into it, at least until I leave for a golf trip to Michigan on Thursday. My friend Karen did an awesome job of keeping us "current" even while riding a bus full of kids to and from Beantown, and she'll probably do the same while I'm gone golfin'. Isn't it great to be part of a team?

I included Friday My Radio Flyer Flew by Zachary Pullen. I loved the pictures and simple short story in this book. A young boy finds his father's Radio Flyer red wagon, and, because of the name Flyer, he dreams of making it fly. Each two page picture spread shows the boy working on the wagon. The detail in these illustrations is amazing. The artist includes such emotion in the young boy's face that the reader can feel the hope and imagination going into making the wagon fly.

What kid hasn't dreamed of making their bike, wagon, sled, lawn chair fly. Zachary Pullen brings it to life with incredible pictures that actually could stand alone. The text is simple and well written and compliments the art work wonderfully.

Although most of my PICKS FROM THE PIT are books that are noisy or that include lots of different voices, this one will be read so that we can enjoy the art work together.



    I am giving you an award. Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. Welcome Home! I am glad all went well in Beantown again-sounds like another excellent book for the pit!

  3. Just stumbled accross this blog, and would like to thank you for giving Radio Flyer a shot. I loved doing this book and appreciate your kind words. I'll be back to you blog soon. Thanks again. Best -Zak-