Monday, July 14, 2008

Negro League Baseball

We have a malfunctioning home computer at the moment, and I'm only able to get on about once a week. Anyway, last night as I was catching up on my emails, I found a delightful surprise. Back in June, a Katy Widrick had left a comment on my post about We Are the Ship by Kadir Nelson.

Katy was sharing a video link with me that I am now passing on to others. As I watched the clip, I got a little teary. Her comments explain it so well, that I'm just copying them in below.

"My company does video news stories on great people with awesome attitudes -- they don't get much better than some of the Negro League players who broke barriers in baseball!

You can see a video we did at MLB's recent symbolic draft of Negro League players, which includes Millito Navarro, Peanut Johnson, Charley Pride and Bill Blair as well as Ken Griffey and Dave Winfield.

I hope you enjoy it!"

Here is Katy's link to the video:

With all the press and attention I'm sure Kadir Nelson will get around awards time, this would be a great clip to share with kids. I think it could lead to some wonderful conversations. It's definitely worth the seven minutes or so it takes to watch!!! Enjoy!

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