Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hate That Cat

Mary Lee at A Year of Reading snagged an ARC of Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech at Cover to Cover back in June when a bunch of bloggers here in Columbus, Ohio, decided to start our 48 Hour Challenge together. After reading it, she blogged about it here.

Luckily for me, she passed the ARC on, and I was able to read it this weekend. Hate That Cat is a fabulous book!! I loved it!! I can't wait to be able to buy my own copy, and then share it with my students!! It made me both laugh and cry. And there's a part in there about Jack's (the main character) mom that caught me off-guard (either that, or I just missed it in the first book). There were several poems involving her, most notably the last one Jack writes called, "This is Just to Say", that found me crying and needing multiple Kleenexes (but in a sappy way, not a sad way)!

Once again, Sharon Creech does a phenomenal job of showing how Jack progresses as a writer over time through his different pieces, just as she did in Love that Dog. It feels very natural. And the inferences we can make about Miss Stretchberry and her writing instruction make me want to strive to be an even better facilitator of writing workshop in my classroom.

Mary Lee's post makes great reading. I'm just throwing in my 2 cents worth. Hate that Cat is a must have and must read!!!!!


  1. I am so jealous of you two! I can't wait to read this book.

  2. This is yet another to add to my vacation reads...thanks Karen.

  3. It was very fun, wasn't it?!??!