About Me

One of my favorite places to
read and write - my screened porch.
I am Karen Terlecky, and I was a proud public school teacher for over 36 years. I retired in 2017, but my passion for literacy continued. In the last two years since retirement, I have taught four semesters of children's literature at a local university, helping to instill a love of books in pre-service teachers who will in turn share that passion with their future students.

In addition, last year I began literacy consulting work in school districts, collaborating with teachers from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I am delighted that work will continue again for the school year of 2019 -2020.

Literate Lives is a blog I shared with Bill Prosser, who is now retired as well. He is stepping aside at this blog, and I will continue to think about literacy, specifically reading, writing, and wonderful books here.

In one of my districts, the work this year is centered around writing workshop instruction in the middle schools. I have decided the time has come to practice what I preach, and become a teacher who shares her reading and writing publicly.

Finally, there may be some posts here from time to time that also share my passion for travel.

Thanks so much for visiting Literate Lives!


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  2. Hi, Wondering if you do children's book reviews? Thank you!