Thursday, March 6, 2014

Progress Reports - SOLC March 6

I just want to say this upfront -- "Hi, my name is Karen and I am addicted to Evernote."

It's that time again.  It is the end of the trimester, and progress reports need to be completed by this Monday.  I have had a love/hate relationship with progress reports my entire teaching career.

However, my feelings have shifted in the past two years, and I can thank Evernote for that.  I find myself documenting so much more learning now.  So when it comes time to write thoughtful comments that will benefit the student and the parent(s)/guardians, I get to look through a digital portfolio of all the learning and teaching moments I have captured.  I can see trends for my language arts students when it comes to reading, writing, and word study, and can annotate that so all can learn.

When I finished my last progress report comment tonight, I knew I had good data; information that would be meaningful to all.  Thanks Evernote.

And with that, I say good night.

Thanks so much to the ladies at Two Writing Teachers blog for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge!  I look forward to catching up on many lives this month.


  1. I need to start using Evernote more. Glad you got your repots completed.

  2. I love Evernote as well for record keeping and so much more! I admit that I don't know all that it can do and I don't use it to its best advantage yet. But, I am so glad to have this tool available.

  3. So is there a 12 step program involved? :) Seriously, I love it too. Still need to use it more, but I've had a huge increase since last year.

  4. Glad to have your endorsement for keeping notes, Karen. I need to use it more, too, to note the meetings with different staff. I still am using the paper/pencil way in my calendar, but it's a problem to return and find the continuation of meetings. Thanks for the nudge!