Friday, March 7, 2014

At the Hospital Again - SOLC March 7

"Hospital Time" - whoever invented that phrase knew hospitals well.

It's a beautiful Friday afternoon (I know because I can see it out the window), and I'm sitting in a hospital again.  On this particular day, my mom is having a hip re-replacement, and my brother and I are in the surgical waiting room waiting to hear from Mom's surgeon.

As I sit here in the hospital yet again, I can't help but reflect on this past year and what a crazy roller coaster it's been.

May, the month where hospital waiting began
Hip replacement for Mom
Mechanically, a fairly simple surgery

Her rehab was close to us
Giving us many hours to reconnect
And talk about life and love
As she gained strength and mobility

Yet she was still excited to be going
A place that belonged to her

Pain set in shortly
Many doctors and specialists were consulted
More questions than answers

After months of waiting for answers
Finally, decisions made
An exploratory hip surgery scheduled
Infection probable

Hospital waiting again in December
Replacement removed
Temporary spacer and antibiotics inserted

More waiting at rehab
Learning to be strong with one leg
Can't bear weight on the other

Hospital waiting again in January
This time for Dad
Back surgery 
Where half-way through a 5 hour procedure
Power went out
Generators failed
They stitched him up in the dark
Opened him up and finished the next day
Two days of serious waiting

Now, here we are again
In the waiting room
waiting, waiting, waiting 

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  1. Oh, Karen, thoughts and prayers are with you through the waiting and into the healing. My Mom's had both hips replaced--it is not an easy surgery when it goes according to plan.When I wait for and with my parents, I think to myself that this is the hard part--these health trials and challenges. Peace be with you all.

  2. Karen --thinking of you! Beautiful poem and a wonderful way to pass the time. Keep slicing!!

  3. What a journey it's been. The poem is wonderful... the waiting isn't. I hope the rest of the day passes quickly, Karen. Thinking of you and your family.

  4. It's sure been a tough year for your family! Sending good thoughts your way!

  5. Tough times - it's so hard to see our parents through these experiences. Sending good wishes your way, Karen.

  6. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. We just finished three weeks of hospital time with my mom, now on to assisted living… Exhausting!

  7. Waiting holds so much time for contemplation, the past, the future. It's lovely that you wrote this at this juncture-again-in your life. Sending my best thoughts and prayers for you, Karen. And hugs for your mom. She must be such a tough and also patient lady!

  8. You have all been through so much. I'm praying for your mom. Hope everything is on the road to recovery.

  9. What a difficult experience. Writing can clarify and soothe. Thinking of you and praying for good outcomes!

  10. Karen, thanks for the share, and for your bravery during these more difficult times in your life. Thinking of your Mom and praying for her! Hope things go smoothly for her!