Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Professional Development - SOL, March 19

Professional development comes in all forms, but the kind I participated in tonight is my absolute favorite.  It was not a PD dictated to us by someone else; a one size fits all model.  Instead, it was PD that was organic, stemming from questions, concerns, and new learnings we had for one another.  We decided the general topic, and there was no agenda except for sharing.

A group of teachers that encompassed 3 different school districts, and represented a total of 8 different schools gathered together for dinner tonight, followed by a conversation about how to use technology in smart ways in our classrooms.

Amazing tools were shared and discussed:

  • Thing Link
  • Explain Everything
  • Media Core
  • Touchcast
  • Corkulous
  • Book trailers
So many wonderful tools, but I loved that we kept our conversation centered on the pedagogy of what we do each day.  We talked about how to use each tool and shared examples, but we realized the tools are there to help our students, and we all make it our priority to keep our eye on the end goal of teaching children the skills of  thinking, reading, writing, and communication skills. 

As I approach the end of 32+ years of time in the classroom, I am still invigorated by this type of PD.  It just never gets old.  It replenishes and nourishes my professional self.

For more slices, head over to Two Writing Teachers blog.  Have a great day!


  1. This is my favorite kind of PD too! I'd love to know more about some of these tools!

  2. I have hard of Corkulous, I guess it's time to try it out. I think you assembled the best kind of PD, too - organic and meaningful.

  3. That sounds like great PD. I haven't used Thing Link or Corkulous. I always like hearing about new technology. I love that you talked about technology as a vehicle to enhance comprehension.

  4. This sounds like an EdCamp experience. Is that what it was? I agree -- that interest-driven PD makes for something we can remember and nurture. The key is the reflective practice on learning and teaching that takes place afterwards, right?

  5. Now that sounds like a dinner I would love to be part of. :)

  6. I agree with Katherine...I wanna come to that kind of dinner party! Haven't tried any of these tools, but you can bet that I'm going to check them out today.