Friday, March 14, 2014

Feeling grateful this Friday - SOL, March 14

Today, I am feeling grateful.

Grateful for a community of writers who understood that I needed to be kind to myself for awhile.

Grateful that in the last three days, my teaching partner and I got to celebrate the learning of 50 students with their parents.

Grateful that Mom was released from the hospital on Tuesday, and is now safely back in rehab, working hard to re-learn how to use both of her legs.

Grateful that Dad has progressed enough that he will be released from rehab next Wednesday.

Grateful for the colleagues in our school who asked about my parents on a daily basis.

Grateful to be heading to Michigan later today for MRA.  It will be so fun to catch up with smart educators, and learn from them as well.

Grateful for the #CarPD, conversation, book talks, and laughter that will happen in the car ride there and back.

Grateful for the kind and generous card that came in the mail yesterday.

Grateful for the sun and warmer temperatures today that always put a smile on my face.

Grateful that next Friday I will be headed to Hilton Head with my husband.

Yes indeed, today, I am feeling grateful.

For more slices, head on over to Two Writing Teachers blog to read what others are slicing about.  Thanks so much to the TWT team for hosting this event.


  1. I'm happy that you're grateful & sharing all this good news, Karen. Happy to hear about your parents and that you're going to MRA-will be a wonderful time and break for you I imagine! Have a great time!

  2. You have wonderful things to be grateful for! I'm so glad your mom is at rehab and on her road to recovery and that your dad will be released soon. Have a wonderful time at MRA! I wish I was going! ;-)

  3. So much to be grateful for, Karen - especially the good news about your parents.

  4. You certainly have many things to be grateful for. It is these moments which make the difficult times easier to get through. Have a great time at MRA. From reading tweets, sounds like a ton a great people will be there!

  5. So glad that things are going well. Enjoy MRA! It sounds fabulous!