Sunday, March 9, 2014

A True and Always Friend - SOLC March 9

As the events of these past few months have overwhelmed, outside of my family, there is one person who always had my back... and always does.  I'm very fortunate to have her in my life. Today's slice is just a small way of appreciating our past 41 years of friendship.

We met in August of '73
Both freshmen at Miami University
Living in Emerson Hall
Pledged the same sorority

The bonds that we formed back then
Have tied us together through the years
Even though we are opposites in so many ways

She is a wonderful cook who patiently 
taught me how to make her Italian
mother's meatballs
She also gave me tutelage
on her family's famous
sugar cookies and icing

She has always had the ability 
to sing like an angel
Breaking into song spontaneously
All day long
While my singing sounds more
like a frog croaking off-tune

We've laughed 
that being on time is a flexible concept for her
While I have my days planned down to 
the minute

She is incredibly thrifty
always looking for a great deal
While I'm the one who
doesn't even want to negotiate when buying a 
new car
Sticker price - sure!

But where we find common ground 
are matters of the heart
She is my family
As sure as if we were sisters

Through the years
our spouses and children
have become family as well
Celebrating holidays
and important life events together

She has been there for me
In good times and bad
Tears and laughter
Births and deaths

We can go weeks without talking
and when we reconnect 
it feels like no time has passed 
We are right back where we left off
the time before

A friend like her
is one to cherish for life

For more slices, head on over to Two Writing Teachers blog to see what others have to say.  Thanks so much to our hosts for moderating this month-long event.


  1. You are so fortunate to have sustained that friendship throughout the years. It is a wonderful thing.

  2. So beautiful! So amazing how aspects of friendships are universal! My best friend and I share very similar traits to what you describe! Best friends are truly wonderful blessings :)

  3. I have a couple of friends like this, Karen. You are lucky indeed to have someone so special. I hope that she gets to see this, too! Best to you!

  4. Your friend can count herself very happy to have a friend like you!