Sunday, March 23, 2014

First Day Pleasures - SOL, March 23

We are currently at Hilton Head Island, enjoying some much-needed time away.  Our first day here was Saturday, which made me reflect on an incredible day of "firsts."

Arrival day is 
one of my favorite days
A day of firsts:

First smell of saltwater
as we traversed over the 
bridge onto the island
window rolled down,
savoring the aroma

First meal on the island
ordered the local specialty
for lunch:
grilled shrimp
with she-crab soup
as the opener

first grocery store run
stocking up on the essentials
since being at the ocean
makes one hungry -
adult beverages, cookies,
cheese, crackers, ice,
more local shrimp
(they steam them while you wait),
and other snacks as well

first vacation 
with oldest daughter since 2007
picking her up at the airport
big hugs and laughter
reminiscing about previous trips
to the island
as we drove down Hwy 278

first walk on the beach
toes in the sand
waves gently lapping
conversation with my daughter
and restful periods
of silence as well
time to appreciate 
each other and
the immensity of the ocean 

first book read 
on the balcony overlooking the ocean
feet propped up
incredible view in front of me
but the scenery just a background
for the book in which I get lost

first dolphin sighting
how effortless their motion
a gentle curve out of the water 
and then back under
two of them together
focused on searching for food
yet entertaining those who watched
as well

first time 
I've been this relaxed 
in a long time

For more slices, check out Two Writing Teachers blog.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

The view from our balcony
 early on a foggy, Sunday morning


  1. I will be living vicariously through you this week. Enjoy your trip and all its firsts, seconds, thirds….and lasts.


  2. Oh, I was enjoying all those firsts with you Karen! This sounds like the exact get-a-way you needed! Enjoy the time with your daughter too. So special. Even foggy on an early Sunday morning, it looks perfect!

  3. Wow! This looks beautiful! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the ocean and the time with your family!

  4. Ah, it! Glad to know the Piggly Wiggly is still steaming those shrimp! Here's to you and a relaxing week.

  5. I love firsts on vacation and you captured that feeling beautifully. I haven't been to Hilton Head in two years, and it will be likely another two before I'm back. I miss it so. What a beautiful place.

  6. Glad to know the Piggly Wiggly is still steaming shrimp. Here's to a week of making memories!

  7. Ahhhhh, I love love love everything about this slice. ENJOY it friend. You deserve this. Please take pictures and say hi to the ocean for me. Can't wait to do brunch after break and catch up.

  8. Love the way you set this up, Karen, all the firsts! We have fog here today, too (tehe), just no ocean! One thing I loved about NCTE was the fresh fish, & now your descriptions take me back again-yum! Have fun with your daughter too!

  9. Enjoy every minute Karen. Get rested and take good care of yourself.

  10. I, too, will be enjoying your vacations vicariously, Karen. There's nothing quite like that first day, with the week all ahead of you!

  11. Your last stanza is fantastic. I'm hoping to be able to take a vacations this summer. We'll see. Enjoy yours!

  12. What a great way to save the firsts of a vacation! I did notice that the first thing you mentioned in shopping was adult beverages, hmmmm. Enjoy those beverages, all the snacks, and seafood, since everyone knows food on vacation contains no calories. :-)

  13. Such a soothing post -- and yet, I am dying to know which book you got lost in! I am counting down the days to spring break and adding books to my list for that week daily! :)