Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Spring Pedicure - Slice of Life Challenge

Monday evening was the night for my spring pedicure.  I LOVE pedicures!!  I love everything about them, so all day long, I walked around in eager anticipation of this appointment.

But, when I got to the appointment, and sat with my feet soaking in water that was the perfect temperature, with the massaging chair doing deep rolls up and down my back, I realized that no matter how much I paid for this pedicure, it probably wasn't enough.  Especially when we're talking about the first pedicure of the season.

The first pedicure has to deal with the feet that have been "clothed" all winter in socks and shoes.  It also has to deal with the feet that have started to take exercising seriously - biking, lifting weights, walking, yoga, and water aerobics.  This pedicure has to take into account how my skin gets incredibly dried out in the winter.

So, as I sat in my massaging chair, trying to read the book I had brought with me, cold drink by my side, I got distracted by how much of my foot was being left behind on the towel and in the foot basin (I realize this could be TMI for some folks).  I watched as this darling girl shaped my toenails, and then tried to massage some moisture back into my skin, before applying the lovely color on the nails.

It was an amazing experience for me, and I loved every minute of it.  But after really noticing what happened during this pedicure, I really can't help but think that pedicures should be priced by how recently your feet have had any type of attention.  Once I'm in shape for the spring/summer, I'm good to go.  But this one... well, let's just say I tipped VERY generously!!!!!

As always, thanks to Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge!


  1. Oh how I love pedicures. Need to schedule my first soon. :)

  2. You have made me long for a pedicure! This is not a job for the faint of heart, especially when winter has passed and there are many layers of skin to remove. I know you put a big smile on the girl's face with your tip. Enjoy those pretty toes!

  3. Pedicures are a treat for me too. I feel like it is time for me too but I may have to schedule on vacation. Hope you are feeling better tonight:)

  4. Ahh. . . my feet are screaming out for a pedicure. Your description reminded me of how wonderful they are.

    And, I must say I am impressed with that list of your activities. You are on the move, girl!

  5. I'll take a quote for Laura Komos: Toes celebrating freedom - yes, that pedicure is worth every penny!

  6. Just got me pedicure too - it does feel so wonderful! But I keyed into another sentence in your blog... the exercise sentence... WAY TO GO KAREN! That is great that you are enjoying so many different kinds of exercise. Now you can kick of the tennis shoes and put on the sandals.

  7. Karen,
    The first signs of spring --- pedicures. ;o) Pedicures are a luxury I've only recently allowed myself. It seems once you get started you realize how much better your feet look with a little bit of help. I am sure pedicurists (apparently there is such a word) probably have nightmares about this time of year much like the nightmares we have at the beginning of a school year.


  8. Sounds delightful. I was just thinking of getting one for my daughter and I. Your descriptions brought me to the scene.