Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reflections at Half-Way Point - Slice of Life Challenge

Today is almost the half-way point of the Slice of Life Challenge, and it has me reflecting on what has happened so far.

I notice that I have written entirely in personal narrative format.  That is a comfortable place for me, and I'm not quite ready to leave it yet.  My thinking is that, as a writer, I am doing "calisthenics" to warm up as a writer before tackling something out of my comfort zone.

Though I didn't plan it this way, my posts are mostly reflective in nature, or sometimes humorous observations of myself.  Again, as a writer who is out of practice, writing about topics that are so familiar to me helps with my fluency.

I thought I would reflect more on classroom practices and happenings, but so far, there are only a few of those posts.  I could have extended my thinking on a few posts and applied the thinking to the classroom, but I didn't.  Not sure why.  Even the school topics I've posted haven't been deep thinking about my own teaching and learning.  They tend to be more typically about the community of our school.

Some days I have felt overwhelmed about getting a post done, but so far, I've managed to post something every day.  I'm chalking that up as a success after such a long drought of not writing at all.

As I read other people's slices, I am in awe of the writing talent that is on display daily.  These people are my writing mentors, and push me to try even more as a writer.

Finally, I'm a little sad to realize that, in 16 days, this challenge will be over.  As hard as it has been some days, the part that I cherish the most is looking at the comments of those people who stopped by on a regular basis to leave a comment, a suggestion, a thought, a kind word, a related incident, or an encouragement.  I have come to realize I love writing for an audience and having a relationship with that audience as well.  I cannot thank my online writing support group enough.  Knowing that you would be there, pushing me and encouraging me, really helped my development as a writer.

Thanks so much to Ruth and Stacey for creating the forum that has allowed writers to grow, experiment, expand, and develop.  Thanks for being part of that community as well!


  1. I, too, am in awe at the writing talent. As I read other slices, I am prompted to think and write even more I always made writing for my blog too complicated by waiting for the perfect post. I've learned through this that it is more important to just write and post. It's been a great challenge.

  2. Don't be sad when the challenge ends, because you still have Tuesdays to link up your writing. The pace is slower, only four or five posts a month, but it is still fulfilling. Don't stop, keep going.

  3. You and I are very similar - I have written exclusively in narrative and most of my posts are reflective as well.

  4. Your reflection has caused me to think about my writing. I love how you ntoiced the genre and topics. I encourage you to keep slicing on Tuesdays. You will be able to connect more and it's a goal for you to keep writing. My senses seem to me more alive when during the SOLChallenge and Tuesdays keep me accountable to keep being aware.

  5. Honest reflection, and no surprise I love how you relate it back to the learners you work with each day. This challenge really does push us and make think about our comfort zones. The community has been a strong support for me as well, especially to help me grow and to truly enjoy the style, thoughtfulness and honesty that each participant brings.

    Love being one in your sea of audience members :)

  6. I think we need to go where our writing take us, and it sounds like your writing is taking on a personal narrative path. I appreciated the reflections (I love when us Slicers do this from time to time -- I compare my experiences to others).
    Thanks for sharing

  7. I think we have to find a way to keep this writing community up and running. Reading all of the posts has helped me get to know people in a new way. For that I am grateful and lucky. Maybe we can gather the local peeps for a celebratory cocktail at the end of March!

  8. I've loved your reflections! They've been very insightful to relationship nuances and personal struggles. I agree with you and Katherine I'm more comfortable with the personal narrative, stretching a bit with poetry. I would love to try the personal essay like Cathy Mere, but I'm just not ready yet. I'm excited that posting continues on Tuesdays!

  9. Yes, I hope you stay and write on Tuesdays. I found that after becoming a more regular writer, I didn't look for the comments as much any more. But I love to look at the writing and it is useful to know what others see in my own writing. I like the way you have presented your reflections in this entry - each one carefully outlined and evaluated.

  10. I enjoyed your reflection, Karen, and rather especially that part about the "calisthenics" happening first, i.e. producing some muscle in your writing, and then you might venture out. It's a good reflection that covers the work well.