Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My To-Do List Today - Slice of Life Challenge

I'll be quite honest, I was totally stuck about what I wanted to write today, and I found my mind wandering, thinking about what was in store for me today.  That's when I realized a to-do list poem might serve my purposes for today.  Bear with me -- I haven't written a poem, facetious or otherwise, in a long, long time.

My To Do List Today

look out the window 
while connecting with my slice community
at the same time
watching the sun rise
and people starting to migrate
to the beach
notice that someone built a huge sand castle
that I missed seeing yesterday
because I was playing golf 
seeing the waves roll in,
starting to attack the castle

time for a nourishing breakfast
still at my window
a book in my hand instead of my computer
eating, reading, 
watching the waves roll in

time for physical activity
first take my daily 
hour-long bike ride
so pleased with the strength my knee has
after last year's replacement
time does heal...
wonder if I'll see another
baby alligator today
back to the condo for a quick drink of water
then time to get closer to the waves
it's walking on the beach time
walking until I'm ready to turn around
this beach goes on forever
favorite music on my iPod
lyrical sound of
the waves rolling in beside me

food time again
lots of liquids
and a great sandwich
why does a typical lunch meal from back home
taste so amazing at the beach?
eating on our balcony
book with me; at a very exciting part
but still those waves catch my attention
I know they will be reversing their direction
it's low tide now

well fed
liquids restored in my body
time to lather up
SPF 30 all over
with my book, towel, and beach chair
it will be time to head out
to the beach
time for more reading, relaxing,
and watching the waves roll in and out

As always, thanks to Stacey and Ruth at Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life Challenge!


  1. What a great idea to turn a sometime simple concept (a to-do list) into a great piece of poetry! I guess this shows that inspiration really can come from everywhere!
    This poem sure made me wish I was near the beach with a book rather than a laptop!

  2. I think a poem worked very well indeed, Karen. I liked that you included a few hints of what has happened already, like that baby alligator. And, the lazy way your poem moved through the day shows your vacation time beautifully, that ocean rolling always in the background. Nice to read!

  3. Sure am glad you're my blog partner, you've made March very easy and done it well! Keep on relaxing and writing, I've enjoyed each and every post.

  4. What a wonderful list poem and most important what a marvelous way to spend your day! Enjoy-

  5. Now that's a to do list worth tackling! Loved hearing your voice in a different genre of writing! Enjoy yourself today!

  6. Beautiful and I wish I was with you. Hope you are having an amazing time.

  7. New idea for me. Thanks. I think slicing is a great place for poetry--light and refreshing.

  8. What a great to to list! Taking it easy with pleasurable activities. Wish I had a day like this. I'm jealous.

  9. I am so glad that you shared your poetry with us, I felt like you gave me a window into your day.
    Your break sounds perfect!

  10. I like your poem Karen. Writing poetry must be like riding a comes back to us. Your vacation sounds so wonderful. I find myself looking forward to reading your post each day to see what you are up to.

  11. Really, I am so jealous. Your poem perfectly captured all you were planning to do. I love your line, "at my window, a book in my hand instead of my computer." Sounds perfect!


  12. For someone who was stuck you sure had a lot to say! Love the list/poem.

  13. There is no JEALOUS button here in blogosphere so I will just have to type it!
    I am so glad you are having a wonderful time, thanks for sharing your vacation with me, I here the waves now!