Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Letter to My Calendar - Slice of Life Post

Last week, Linda did a fun post with letter writing.  It's 11:09 PM, I still haven't posted for the day, and her letter has been a little tickle in the back of my brain.  Hopefully Linda knows that I borrowed her idea because it just works for my purposes today.  Thanks for allowing me to use your text as a mentor.

Dear iCal,

Last week you were so peacefully quiet; you didn't have a lot to say.  Thanks for taking a break and allowing me to catch my breath and get some much needed restorative time.  It was very appreciated!

However, as this week began, I couldn't help but notice how many warnings you were giving me.  Did you miss me last week?  Are you making up for lost time?  It makes me happy that most of your dates allow me to gather with friends I haven't seen for awhile, but gosh, you sure are keeping me busy. 

Monday, you made sure I got my nails done and then helped me remember to meet the two students who won my teacher time raffle from the GRE Meltdown for dinner.  Tuesday, thanks for the reminders to go to the library to pick up my teacher collection (50 books!!) for our empathy study, and then head to the movies to meet my yaya friends for The Hunger Games.  Wow!  I am so thrilled you made sure I made it to the movie - it was incredible!  Then, if it hadn't been for your help, I would have forgotten to go to the grocery store on the way home to get the food necessary for book club at my house on Wednesday.  That's right - one of my book clubs is meeting at my house on Wednesday right after school.  Without your warning, I might forget to leave with the kids tomorrow, so I can get home to do final touches on food and beverages.  Oh my gosh!  I forgot to do the laundry from vacation; maybe I need to add that to your list as well.  I obviously can't remember it on my own.  Then I noticed on Thursday, you're telling me I have yoga followed by my other book club.  I might be a little late for the latter.

Whew!  What would I do without you this week?!!  Thanks so much for being there for me, but more importantly, thanks so much for your quiet last week.

Talk to you soon,



  2. Great format for a post. Love the idea of writing to a concept/object like this.

  3. Thanks for the shout out on twitter, Karen, or I wouldn't have found you yet. You are gracious to thank me for the idea, & you wrote the letter so well, with just a touch of resentment! Your week back is so, so busy. How can you have two book clubs in one week? And, I don't use the online calendar. I do so much tech, but still like my little paper spiral calendar, writing notes, etc. in it. It's rather like a tiny diary. But, back to your letter. What fun to write to your calendar, to include a list really of your week but do it that way. Love it!

  4. You are so very gracious about all those reminders. You do sound VERY busy, but I can also sense that you are rested after last week. It's so important - make sure you find time for that even amidst the crazy! Let your calendar remind you. :)

  5. Love this idea. I was chuckling the whole time. Our calendars are greatly different but I can see my future when I am an empty nester.

  6. And this is why when my iPhone died and had to be shipped back to apple last year, I freaked out. Three days without a phone, who knows what I missed. My life is stored on my phone. ;)

  7. Karen,
    This made me laugh. Sometimes I feel like my calendar is running my life, but don't know where I would be without it. I used to be able to remember everything without the use of a calendar, but those days are long gone. I like to say it because I'm busier, but I'm not so sure...

    This was a perfect format for this slice. It gives your calendar life --- and, most days, doesn't it feel like it has one?


  8. Loved it! Thank goodness for the quietness of our calendars every once in awhile.

  9. Loved this post and how creative! Only wish I would have been able to be at book club. Perhaps I need to put on my iCal a reminder to continue to read adult books along with students' books for my classroom.

  10. love this piece! So true and yet so humorous. Glad that at least many of your dates are made for some fun!

  11. Karen~
    Your post made me laugh! Most days it does seem like my calendar is nagging mom, a nagging mom I couldn't live without! I love my nagging mom!