Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Next Trip to Cover to Cover 2

Ok, so even though I haven't made it to Cover to Cover since my first of these posts, maybe today, I've found a bunch more titles I'll be buying, so here goes!

The Shocking Truth About Energy by Loreen Leedy: Some non fiction is always good, it's the part of the library I struggle with the most. Recently, though, I've found quite a few non fiction picture books that the kids like and learn from, this is a new one. The book covers sources of energy, alternative energies and some simple science about energy. It's done at a real basic level making it a great introductory book for the grades that have energy in their standards. Bright, colorful pix make it a pretty fun look at what can be a dry topic.

Nibbles: A Green Tale by Charlotte Middleton: All of the guinea pigs in Dandeville LOVED dandelions and Nibbles loved them more than soccer. The trouble is, dandelions are in a limited supply and eventually run out. The guinea pigs are forced to replace their favorite greens with cabbage, YUCK! When Nibbles discovers one last dandelion plant outside his window he shows remarkable restraint for a guinea pig and doesn't eat it. Instead he does his research and learns how dandelions reproduce and when it turns to seed, Nibbles blows it all over Dandeville and becomes a hero. Fun pix and a story that can be used to introduce concepts of conservation make this a great one.

Jacob O'Reilly Wants a Pet by Lynne Rickards Illustrated by Lee Wildish: Jacob wants a pet, but his parents always say no. His dad suggests starting a pet sitting business and when Jacob does, he is flooded with customers and pets. Not just any pets, he ends up taking care of the usual cats, dogs, rodents, but also a python, sheep, and a zebra. At the end of the two weeks, Jacob realizes he really doesn't want a big, high maintenance pet, but when he finds a snail, that's just right. The rhyming text and fun pix will make this a hit with younger kids.

Birdie's Big Girl Shoes by Sujean Rim: Birdie is fascinated, like most little girls, with watching her mother get dressed up. She is especially enthralled with her mother's high heels and just wants to try them on. Her mother keeps telling her she's too small and her time for high heels will come. Finally, Mom relents and allows Birdie to try a pair. Once they are on her feet, Birdie decides they aren't as glamorous as she thought, in fact they hurt and her bare feet feel the best. Very fun pictures and short text.

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  1. Thank you so much for telling your readers about The Shocking Trugh about Energy...when you starting thinking about it, we can't do a thing without it! : )