Monday, June 14, 2010

My Next Trip to Cover to Cover 1

I love summer! I catch up on my reading and relaxing and am able to make runs to my favorite book store Cover to Cover. I think this summer I'll try to keep you up to date on what I'm buying for the library. It will server two purposes, hopefully our Literate Lives readers will find things they are interested in, and it will also serve as a list for me to refer to when I make my trips to the book store. So here's what I'll be picking up next time I go...

First, I'll be picking up my copy of Pete's White Shoes (check out the way cool video). My blogger friends shared this with me and I had to have it so I ordered it and it should be in. With this book, watch out Joyce, there will be singing in THE PIT! This book is TOO MUCH FUN to be missed!

I'm the Best by Lucy Cousins: Dog compares himself to all of his friends, mole, goose, donkey, and lady bug. He always manages to come out number one because he doesn't compare himself to their strengths, instead, he is a better digger than goose and swim better than donkey. When his friends turn the tables and show him what they are good at, dog is depressed. His friends cheer him up with compliments on his fluffy ears and he feels better. Great friendship book without being too cheesey. Very fun bright pix to go with the story.

Don't Call Me Sidney by Jane Sutton Illustrated by Renata Gallio: Very fun story about a poet pig named Sidney who doesn't like his name because it can't rhyme with anything except kidney, not a very flattering or poetic word at all! He decides to change his name to Joe because there are so many possibilities with Joe, but his best friend doesn't really like it. When Joe's/Sidney's mom comes to visit, she won't hear of a name change. After a night of personal struggle, our friend the poetic pig decides he will stick with Sidney but use the nickname Sid when writing poetry about himself. The pix are laugh out loud funny.

City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Willems Illustrated by Jon J Muth: Probably my favorite of the summer so far. It's the story of a dog spending time in the country and meeting a frog. They share games and fun and become best of friends. The book passes through the seasons and the animals' activities change to match the seasons. It does have a bit of sadness to it, and is very different from any other Mo Willems I've ever read, but beauty of the pictures and the simplicity of the story will make it a favorite I think. It's my Caldecott measuring stick right now. Franki and I are on the same thought wave length today, read her review at A Year of Reading.

That's it for now, but I have more! I'll continue to do these trips to Cover to Cover throughout the summer.


  1. Pete the Cat is definitely worth the money! I blogged (and raved) about it today on my own blog. Also, you can check out the activities I created to go along with the story... feel free to help yourself!

  2. Thanks for sharing the titles-now I will have to go find them! Guess what I am not anonymous anymore-YEA!

  3. So I think there will be more that just singing in the pit! I predict some dancing, too!
    Will you sing this at Niagara Falls?

    "I love my wet shoes, I love my wet shoes...."

    You might have to borrow Meredith's guitar and take a few lessons. (I would pay money for that one!)

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pete the CAt and Mo WIllems newest. I have my eye on I'm the Best! So much fun to read your reviews! THanks

  5. Stopped by the bookstore yesterday and read I'm the Best. You weren't kidding! It's fantastic for the little ones! Now I have to buy it for the beginning of the school year. Darn good books taking all my money!