Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Lastest in The Magic Thief series

I actually got to meet Sarah Prineas, and listen to her speak, 2 years ago as part of our kick-off to the 48 Hour Book Challenge. She was on a book tour to promote her new series, The Magic Thief, and was going to be at Cover to Cover. At the time, she had the first 3 books planned out, but wasn't sure how far to take the series after that. She said she didn't want it to go on longer than it held readers' interest.

Well, after finishing the 3rd book in The Magic Thief series, Found, I sincerely hope this isn't the last book. I always hope in a series like this one (good vs. evil), that when it's truly time for the series to end, that I will feel like things are all wrapped up in a nice neat package with a lovely bow on top. Some things are resolved by the end of Found, but one big question about what will happen to the main character, Conn, is not at all resolved.

I'm not a big fantasy fan; the only reason I read any of the Harry Potter books is because I was reading them aloud with my youngest daughter when they first came out. But, after meeting Sarah Prineas in person, and hearing the premise of her story, I decided to give this fantasy series a try. I'm so glad I did; here was a fantasy book with magic, wizards, spells, good, and evil that was more accessible to a typical 5th grade reader (and I always read with that in the back of my mind). My students in the past 2 years have proved that I was right about the accessibility - boys and girls who couldn't manage those fantasy books that are so huge could read this series, enjoy it and feel successful all at the same time.

This third book is not quite as riveting as the first one was, but to a follower of Conn, Nevery, Rowan, Argent, and Benet this story keeps you turning the pages because each of these characters are still important to the story. Also, important trademarks of this series are still in place: maps to help the reader visualize the different settings, a guide to the characters in the back of the book, and a more in-depth guide to specific places in the story. Once again, these trademarks make the story more accessible to a wider range of readers.

I picked up an ARC of Found on Saturday, but knowing how popular this series has been, I will be adding this book to my classroom library for next year.

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  1. This IS a great series. I have enjoyed each of them, and am curious to see if there is a "next" for Conn, Nevery and the Duchess. I'll second your vote hoping that this isn't the end.