Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another School Year Ending

Literacy Assessments given, graded, and recorded - CHECK

Literacy Assessments entered into database - CHECK

final papers graded for this year -- CHECK

Progress Reports done with comments - CHECK

5th grade Fun Day celebrated - CHECK

Coming up for air and starting to share this blog with Bill again :) - CHECK

Almost done with our last read aloud, Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper. It has been an amazing last read aloud. My students are moved by Melody more than I ever anticipated - CHECK

Last day for students is this Friday - ALMOST CHECK :)

48 HOUR BOOK CHALLENGE -- I will be starting this challenge on Saturday morning as I have breakfast with some of my favorite Central Ohio bloggers and will follow breakfast with a trip to Cover to Cover. I have a huge stack of books I've already read and need to blog about. Can't wait to find some other wonderful gems to put in the pile on Saturday.


  1. I love when the massive to-do list has almost everything checked off!

  2. Can't wait to see you Saturday.

  3. Hope you're doing ok with the 48 hour challenge. That is a lot of stuff to get achieved so you really deserve som time with books.