Saturday, June 5, 2010

48-Hour Challenge: One Down

After a delicious GRANOLA, FRUIT AND YOGURT breakfast with the Central Ohio Bloggers, I came home an finished The Magnificent 12 ARC. It wasn't bad, and I think the kids are going to like it. Mack is a middle schooler who finds out he is one of an ancient group of super heroes destined to save the world. The story is filled with golems, elves, evil queens, insect like beasts and other fantasy creatures. His body guard is a reformed bully named Stefan who takes Mack "under his wing" after Mack saves his life. The book has some pretty good action and battles that will keep readers interested and leaves off at a pretty good cliff hanger, setting up book two.

Now it's on to the ARC of Framed, which I was very excited to find in the stacks at Cover to Cover our friend Sally put out for us. It's the third behind Swindle and Zoobreak from Gordon Korman. I LOVE his books! Gotta go read.

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  1. I was looking for the Framed ARC at BEA, but missed it in all of my running around. Hope you enjoy it!