Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Goals Meme

Well, Franki at A Year of Reading tagged us a long time ago, so maybe one of our goals should be not to procrastinate!!

But other than that, here are our summer goals:

Karen -
1) Spend more quality time with friends and family, especially my husband.
2) I'd like to golf an average of 2 times a week this summer - one night with my league and another with my husband and/or friends
3) Get lots of reading done - both adult and children's books
4) Get 4 major projects done (or contracted out) -- home improvement kinds of things
5) Take better care of myself -- specifically, work out (aerobic and strength training) at least 5 times a week
6) Find 5 new, good recipes for dinner main dishes
7) Be more spontaneous!!!! (I might have to give up the idea of always having a list of things to do to accomplish this one -- what do you think?!)

Bill -
2) Read a lot, I've been doing pretty well with this one so far.
3) Have two successful student trips to Boston.
4) Improve my golf game before my August trip to Michigan.
5) Find at least one book for our Grand Discussions next year.
6) Take more morning bike rides.

For the roundup of some of the goals people have written so far, check our Mary Lee's post. Good luck to everyone with their goals!

1 comment:

  1. K- I too need to be more spntaneous.
    B- we have had great weather for more bike rides
    I already think summer is moving too fast!