Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Gollywhopper Games Contest

I loved The Gollywhopper Games, and after my 1st post and my 2nd post about this book, I was delighted that Jody Feldman stopped by, and left a comment. But, I forgot about it in the end of school rush until my good friend, Franki, from A Year of Reading, reminded me about it last night (and actually, she has just posted her thoughts about the book as well). Jody Feldman is having a contest that involves solving a puzzle much like the ones in the book. Even if you don't enter the contest, the graphics on her web page are well worth the look!!

If you're going to enter the contest, click on the balloon that says, "Contest". Simple enough, right?

This website and contest are just a few more reasons to enjoy The Gollywhopper Games!!

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