Friday, June 6, 2008

One Book Down

It took me the whole day, between swimming and watching my son play baseball, they won and he had a great hit, but I finished my first book, When the Sergeant Came Marching Home by Don Lemna.

It's a post WWII book that takes place in Montana. The main character's father comes home from the war and moves the family to a farm in the middle of nowhere, with no indoor plumbing or electricity. The boy hates it and makes plans to save ten dollars so he can run off to Hollywood. As time passes, he realizes the country life isn't so bad and decides to stay. The book has a great blend of humor and struggle to make it an enjoyable read. It brought to mind many of Richard Peck's books that tell of the simple life in the country in a similar time period. I'll be adding it to our library collection in the fall, but for now, I'll keep reading, so many books so little time!

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