Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 for 10 Picks From THE PIT

Since I had such a hard time coming up with my 10, so many books, so little time, I decided to put my own twist on it and go with 10 of my favorites that I have read in THE PIT in the last 3 years. In no particular order:

1. Chicken Cheeks by Michael Ian Black: There aren't too many things funnier than Hound Dog Heinies and Gnu Wazoos! Lots of laughter in THE PIT with this one and still a popular check out.

2. Are You Ready to Play Outside by Mo Willems: It could have been almost any Elephant and Piggie book, but this one was the most popular. I just re-read my post and the idea of a readers' theater with Elephant and Piggie is a good one!

3. Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey: It's a classic that I remember from when I was a kid, I read it to my two when they were little and it's about Boston, what could be better?

4. Fredrick by Leo Lionni: Another classic that was one of my favorites as a kid. In fact, I still have the copy I received as part of the Weekly Reader Summer Book Club when I was in about the second grade. Once a book lover, always a book lover!

5. Pippo the Fool by Tracey E. Fern: What a great story. I was a little nervous about how it would go over in THE PIT, but the kids liked it, even the first graders! I was amazed at how well they sat still for a long one like this.

6. Beware of the Frog by William Bee: Surprise endings are always good in THE PIT. Especially when they take a while to set up and then I can spring it on them real sudden like. This one got lots of great response when I made it to the end. Very fun!

7. This is the Teacher by Rhonda Gowler Greene: It was my very first book in THE PIT so it will always be a memorable one for me. It was also a very loud book and it really set the tone for what the library would be like under my watch!

8. Punk Farm on Tour by Jarrett Krosocka: I nearly blew my vocal cords on this one, but THE PIT WAS ROCKIN' and the kids were DANCIN' and my friend Joyce was looking down from her room above LAUGHIN' ahhhh good times!

9. Big Plans by Bob Shea: I thought the message about having big plans for the new year was a good way to start. I love the attitude of the kid with the plans and his friend the mynah bird. It was also one of the first books I took on the road to my sister's class in Ashland.

10. Here Comes the Garbage Barge by Jonah Winter: At last, a little non-fiction! The story of the wandering barge of garbage told with fun pix and humor. I don't do much non-fiction in THE PIT but this one worked well and the video that shows how the pix were created is fun to watch too.

So there you have it, my list 10 for 10 list of favorites from THE PIT!


  1. I love Beware of the frog also! Great list-thanks for sharing.

  2. A fun list! I must see "Chicken Cheeks."

  3. Looking forward to hearing, and I mean HEARING, all the great books you share with the kids! Who can't enjoy the sound of kids enjoying books?

  4. Just like you, Fredrick was a beloved book by my brother. One of the copies in my classroom is the one with his named spelled on the inside cover in BIG capital letters. Great picks Bill!

  5. Great list! There are several on here I haven't read yet...more books for the TBR pile! ;) I LOVE Chicken Cheeks! Seems any book that mentions 'butt' is a sure fire hit with kids!

  6. Great list! There are several on here I haven't read yet...more books for the TBR pile! ;) I LOVE Chicken Cheeks! Seems any book that mentions 'butt' is a sure fire hit with kids!

  7. My daughters (3 and 7) read every Elephant and Piggie as a readers' theater. It requires that we whisper her part to the 3 year old, but it is fabulous fun.

    Loved the list!

  8. I always like finding books I haven't read. I did a year stint as a library media specialist and my library was not a quiet place either. I enjoy it when kids are having conversations with books and are obviously engaged in what is going on in the classroom.

  9. It's good to know the ones that are universal favorites.

  10. Thanks for sharing your picks! I can't wait to read (sing) Punk On the Farm Tour! I think Cathy may request I close the door!