Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Next Trip to Cover to Cover 6

Well summer's winding down, I was actually working at the school today, and my frequent trips to my favorite children's bookstore Cover to Cover will become less frequent. In addition to helping me remember what I want to buy, I've found another bonus to my lists, last time I was at the store, my friend Beth who works there asked if she should just go ahead and order the books I write about on my Cover to Cover lists. So, Beth, fire up the computers, here's my next list of books.

Back of the Bus by Aaron Reynolds Illustrated by Floyd Cooper: The book gives a fictional eyewitness account of Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat. I'm always looking for new ways to tell this story to the kids and the short text and detailed pix in this one make it easy to share.

The Gentleman Bug by Julian Hector: A gentleman bug, who enjoys a good book, notices the new lady bug in town and tries to woo her by changing his look. When she spurns his advances and he embarrasses himself in front of the bug elite, he thinks his chances are over. However, he receives an invite to the grand opening of the new building in The Garden and is thrilled to find that it is a new library and his lady bug the new librarian. Short story with beautiful illustrations.

Oh No! (Or How My Science Project Destroyed the World) by Mac Barnett Illustrated by Dan Santat: This picture book has a sort of graphic novel look to it with just one short sentence on each page telling the story of a little girl who builds a robot for her science fair. Unfortunately the robot goes rogue and destroys the town. The girl must find a solution to defeat the evil robot which gives the book its surprise ending. I was a little confused by the book at first, but the incredibly detailed pix made me take another look and then I loved it. Pretty sure the kids will too.

Buy My Hats! by Dave Horowitz: When I saw this one I thought of our fifth graders because it's a really simple look at supply and demand and price setting. All Frank and Carl, a bear and a fish, want to do is sell hats. Everyone around them is able to sell their goods, but Frank and Carl just have no luck. They try lowering their prices but only sell one. They try advertising and still don't sell any. In the end a change in the weather increases their sales and Frank and Carl have no idea why! It's a fun look at small business with very funny pix.

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