Saturday, August 7, 2010

Check Out the New Blog!

I'm pretty excited to be "simulblogging" (is that a word?) with one of my closest teaching friends, Maria. Karen and I have both mentioned her and her fabulous teaching here at Literate Lives, and she has been commenting on our blog since the beginning. Well, finally, after much encouraging, bugging, pestering, cajoling, and just being a pain in the tush, Maria finally took the plunge.

She could have easily written a blog about word study, she's practically a guru about that in our building. She could have easily written a blog about writing, she gets kids to write amazing things. She could have easily written a blog about the fabulous research projects she does each year with her kids, it's an awesome learning experience for them and for the 3 years we team taught, an awesome learning experience for me too!

Instead, my friend Maria has chosen to stretch herself, to leave her comfort zone and write about how she is using technology in her classroom. Specifically the 25 iTouches she received from a grant she wrote. I think the thing that will make her blog really special is the fact that she is not a tech expert, Maria doesn't even really like technology, it's not her thing. What is her thing is good teaching, and good teaching require all of us to get out of our comfort zone for the good of our students. That's exactly what my friend Maria has done, she has pushed herself to figure out how to use technology to enhance her teaching because she knows that's where her students are, that's how they learn, that's the world they live in!

So...drumroll's with great excitement that I welcome my friend Maria to the world of blogging at Teaching in the 21st Century. Make sure you check it out because I promise you will learn something from this outstanding teacher!

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