Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Next Trip to Cover to Cover 7

The kids come tomorrow and even though I won't be teaching them until Friday, I know they will stop in and I can't wait. I'll have candy bars for those who bring in their book bag that verifies that they finished the summer reading program at the library and a lot of BRAND SPANKIN' NEW BOOKS! Here are few more I'll be picking up on my next trip to Cover to Cover.

Don't Call Me Pruneface by Janet Reed Ahearn; Illustrated by Drazen Kozjan: Paul is a good boy, everyone says so but when Prudence moves in next door he is pushed to the limits. By her and her annoying cat. In the end he can't resist the temptation to call her Pruneface and then a friendship is born. Fun story and the pictures are awesome.

Barry the Fish With Fingers by Sue Hendra: All the fish are bored until Barry shows up with fingers that get rid of boredom because then a fish can do finger puppets, knit a scarf, count to 10, type a letter, tickle other fish and many other unboring activities. Great surprise ending and colorful pix.

Kindergarten Diary by Antoinette Portis: Day to day journal of the first month of kindergarten as seen through the eyes of a kindergartner. The author of Not a Box has really shown what a kindergartner thinks and K teachers everywhere would be wise to use this one to get rid of the first month of school jitters for their students.

I have a whole stack here to add to my list, but right now the lovely Mrs. Prosser wants to go for a bike ride.

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