Tuesday, June 2, 2009

48 Hour Challenge is Coming! (part 2)

A while back, I announced that I would be taking part in Mother Reader's 48 Hour Challenge for the 2nd year in a row. Some important facts to know:

When: I will start my 48 hour challenge right after school this Friday (which happens to be my last day of school!), and will continue until Sunday evening, June 7th. I will spend part of Saturday engaged in some fun book-related activities (see "where" below). I can't think of a better way to begin my summer break than with a pile of books all begging to be read!

: I will be meeting some Central Ohio bloggers at the always tasty Northstar Cafe, and after much chatting and eating, will be heading to the best children's bookstore I know -- Cover to Cover. When I'm not eating at Northstar Cafe or trying to snag the best books and ARCs at Cover to Cover, I will be reading and blogging at my house. I anticipate that my reading will mostly take place on my screened in porch.

Why: I do this mostly because I love books, and this whole event is just a lot of fun!!! But this year, there is an added component. In an effort to "give back" for my enjoyment, I am pledging $2 per book I take out of Cover to Cover on Saturday (purchased or ARC) OR $2 per fish caught at a fish-a-thon this weekend (whichever one is more) to a cause near and dear to Mary Lee (A Year of Reading).

RSVP: I hope you'll join Bill and me here as we read and blog this weekend. We'd love to hear what you're reading also.


  1. Thanks for the pledge! I'll fish like crazy and you make a giant stack of books! (somehow, I think you've got the better end of the deal...I have to throw mine back in...)

  2. I have been reading all day today and have had such fun; so far I have read and posted about Wintergirls, Jane Smiley's first children's book The Georges and the Jewels, SCAT, and my re-reading of Coraline and The Tale of Despereaux. Hope you're both having fun! I'm off to catch some shut eye now.....