Saturday, June 6, 2009

48 Hour Challenge-Book 2-Bill

Between garage sales, graduation parties and vacation prep, I managed to squeeze in a book! Mudshark by Gary Paulsen features Lyle Williams whose quickness in a game called Death Ball earns him his nickname as a 12 year old detective. Mudshark hones his skills of observation by watching his toddler triplet sisters and keeping them out of trouble. Mudshark is cool at school, because he is smooth and smart and knows the answer to almost anything due to his powers of observation and the amount of reading that he does. Mysterious things happen at his school and the principal depends on Mudshark to figure out why. In this book all of the erasers begin to disappear and Mudshark finds them.

Paulsen is funny and entertaining in this very short quick read. The principal's announcements at the beginning of each chapter are hilarious and me and my high school freshman son laughing out loud. Did I say "high school freshman son?" WOW! when did that happen, I'm getting old. I'm off to do more packing and hopefully get in some more reading before bed.


  1. I love you, I love your blog, but if you and Karen don't spell Paulsen right, I am about to stop reading. LOL! (It's right there on the front of the book)
    Really I came over here to give junk about getting this book because I am coveting it.

  2. I knew you could do it! Hope you are enjoying your summer so far. I am hate that I missed coming on Saturday, but I guess you guys racked up a pretty hefty bill for me.