Sunday, June 7, 2009

48 Hour challenge - 5th book done (K)

I just finished Gary Paulsen's newest, Mudshark. Lots of fun! This is a book full of interesting characters within a school setting -- a very observant student (his name is Mudshark), a student who loves creating things in science, a student/magician, a custodian who is a Renaissance man, a librarian who loves children coming to her library, a principal who makes the funniest morning announcements, a know-it-all parrot who lives in the library. There are many layers of mini-mysteries within the story, but it is a quick read, and everything is settled quite satisfactorily.

It is a smaller book, only 82 pages. I can think of several students this past year who struggled a little with longer texts that might enjoy reading this book. The size is very similar to Paulsen's LawnBoy.

Best yet, with all the conversations going on about 21st Century Literacy, electronic blackboards play a significant role in the story.

For more of a review, see what Bill had to say.


  1. Karen,
    You rock with the 48 hour challenge. We should of had our own prize just for you!

  2. good job! how many books have you got done now??