Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning Technology

Much has been written on the kid lit blogs recently about the use of technology in the classroom, or in my case, the library. Franki and Mary Lee have dedicated many posts to The 21st Century Classroom on A Year of Reading and I have posted about finding time to learn the new things and putting them to use to improve literacy. I know that I need to increase my use of technology in the library this next year, but since I'm not willing to totally give up the books, I'm looking for ways to merge the two. Mary Lee has been posting a mosaic she creates periodically and I really liked the looks of them. The thought occurred to me that the kids could create them using features from their favorite books and then others could try to identify the book based on the pictures. I used Flickr's Big Huge Lab to create this mosaic of our recent trip to the beach to try and learn how to do it. It was fairly simple, fun and not too time consuming. The only trouble I may have is that our school filters won't let us use Flickr for the project. So I'll continue to look for a school friendly program or site to use.


  1. WOW! You learned quickly! This is gereat--love how it captures the personalities of the people in the photos. I will have to try this soon.

    And really, we can never let go of books as the anchor for the library. That would be craziness! I have my stack of books for my upcoming trip and just picked up a few new ones for the library!

  2. This looks fantastic Bill! What an awesome project and I bet the student would love creating something like this!

  3. Holy Cow Bill- this is amazing! You talked about this on the last day of school and here you are doing it! Way to go! I love looking at all the pictures what a fun trip! maria

  4. See? It wasn't so hard! And I'm pretty sure you can import pictures from iPhoto, so you can bypass the Flickr block.