Friday, May 29, 2009

Otto Grows Down in THE PIT

I wrapped up the new read alouds for the year today in THE PIT. Ahhhhh.....let me savor that sentence for a minute.....the last new read aloud of the year....mmmmmm....that's nice. OK, I'm back. I chose Otto Grows Down by Michael Sussman because it's just plain fun! Otto wishes his baby sister hadn't been born, and that's when things get weird. Time starts going backwards but not in the typical Otto wakes up and he's a year younger and his sister is gone, no, Michael Sussman uses an American Home Video format by actually making time go backwards! For example, after making the wish, Otto sees his watch going backwards and finds himself re wrapping his birthday presents and giving them back to his friends. Later in the book, the barber makes his hair get longer, he brings the trash back in, baths make him dirty and, my favorite, "going to the bathroom is just plain disgusting!" I love the illustrations by Scott Magoon which enhance the wonderful writing. Of course the book ends right and all which disappointed some of the older students, but I think is just perfect. Next week I'll be reading each class their 5 favorite books from THE PIT sort of like summer re-runs before school's out.

As much as I love my job, I'm looking forward to the summer and especially the first weekend. I'll be participating in the 48 Hour Challenge with Mother Reader. I can't wait for breakfast with the Central Ohio Kid Lit Bloggers, I'm considering something other than yogurt and granola this time. I'm joining my blogging friends supporting our friend Mary Lee in her fishing fun. I'll pledge a dollar for each book I carry out of Cover to Cover and for each book I read during the challenge. I'm hoping to keep you posted from the beach if I can establish a wireless connection somewhere.


  1. Hey Bill! I've so enjoyed your blog this year. You and Franki gave me inspiration to start my I think I'm going to do the 48 hour challenge. It sounds like heaven to spend the weekend reading. Julie Johnson

  2. Be sure to check out Julie's blog, she's a good friend and great teacher. I've added her to our list. Welcome to the fun, Julie I look forward to reading your blog.

  3. Thanks for the pledge, Bill!

    I recommend the sweet potato hash, but the pancakes are to die for as well.