Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Let's Do Nothing in THE PIT

On my recent visit to Cover to Cover Franki pointed out a book that she was sure was my kind of book! Let's Do Nothing is a perfect book to end the year with. Cartoonist Tony Fucile has captured the spirit of summer and imagination in this book. As soon as I took a look at it, I began to hear the voices in my head....wait, not those kind of voices...the voices of Frankie and Sal and how they would sound in THE PIT.

I introduced it today for the second to last rotation through the library and the kids are loving it. Frankie and Sal decide they will do nothing, but every time Frankie has an idea, like sit as still as the statues, Sal's imagination force him to move, like to shoo the pigeons. Or when the boys are giant redwoods, Sal's imagination has Frankie's dog going to the bathroom on him. My favorite is King Kong climbing up the Sal as the Empire State building and putting on Sal's glasses. The gorilla's face is priceless and the kids, all ages, laugh loud. There's not many things better than a class full of kids laughing at an awesome book, it makes me laugh every time too.

Another feature of the book is the little intro that Tony Fucile uses before the story. Frankie and Sal have a whole "scene" before the title page that reminds me of watching a movie intro before the credits roll.

We're all loving this book in THE PIT and the kids are impressed to find all of Tony Fucile's movie credits like The Little Mermaid and The Incredibles. The only downside to this book is that I can't help thinking that I still have two weeks before I can wake up and DO NOTHING!

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  1. This book is fabulous!!! Somehow I missed purchasing it on Saturday. Thank goodness for Amazon!