Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bee-Wigged Silly Fun That Works

When you are an over sized bee, it's hard to make friends with bees or people. However, if you find a toupee on the ground that makes you look almost human you can become the BBOC (Big Bee On Campus) in no time.
That's exactly what happens to Jerry Bee. All he wants is a human friend but of course we're all deathly afraid of bees, let alone HUGE bees. One day walking down the street he stumbles upon what looks like a hair piece, puts it on and suddenly everyone thinks he's a boy and not just any boy, about the best boy ever, he was helpful, funny, artistic, generous, a terrific speller (spelling bee, get it?) complimentary of the school food, bus safety monitor, cheerleader, and grand marshal of the school parade,WHEW! Tragedy strikes when his toupee blows off during the parade and everyone runs in fear when they realize he's just an over sized bee. Luckily, the toupee turns out to be a talking guinea pig who vouches for Jerry's good character and the two of them are friends forever. I know it sounds a bit sappy, but Cece Bell's pictures are fun to look at and laugh about and the book is just plain fun.

A friend of mine, Lori, who teaches kindergarten, was at my house and asked if I knew of any good books about bees. Bee-Wigged just happened to be in my stack of books from the library and I pulled it out for her. I warned her that I hadn't even read it, but she took it and decided to use it. The next time I talked to her, she was thrilled with the choice. Even though it is clearly fiction, an observation made by the kindergartners immediately, the bee theme tied in nicely with her lessons and the kids loved it asking for it to be read many times over. Lori had her kids create pictures of Jerry Bee and make speech bubbles for what he might say. As you can see, it made for a great hall display and a fun lesson on what characters think and say.

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  1. Please tell your friend the teacher that she has done Jerry Bee proud! I love those wall displays more than I can ever say. And thanks to you for the swell review. Best to you! -- Cece Bell