Friday, January 23, 2009

Looking for Newbery - Day 28

This will be our last post reviewing one of the contenders from THE LIST posted at Fuse #8. Tomorrow I plan to post about the Caldecott voting at our school, and to give my picks for that award. Based on the lists I've been looking at, my success rate should be pretty low, hopefully our Newber picks on Sunday will be much better.

Looking for Newbery has been an incredible thing for us. Karen and I have enjoyed reading as many of the books as we could squeeze in in 28 days, and both of us found things that we wouldn't have read otherwise. For me, I was pretty happy when I saw how many of the books from THE LIST I had already read and many of them posted. So, from both of us, thanks for following along over the last 28 days, we're glad you enjoyed the series.

It only seems appropriate to end this series with my first Newbery post on Literate Lives. I read this way back in March and made it my first pick of the year. I'm sticking with it. Waiting for Normal became the measuring stick by which all other books were measured this year. I still haven't found anything I like as much as this.

Here's my review.

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  1. Thank you for including this book as a contender! I fell in love with Addie from the moment I met her. In addition to creating a wonderful "father-daughter" relationship, Leslie Connor depicts child neglect in a sensitive but honest way that will pull readers into the story. Waiting for Normal is definitely on my "All Time Favorites" list!

  2. I absolutely loved this book. It will always be way high on my favorite list. Glad to see it as your measuring stick for the year! Great reviews - thanks so much!