Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Hallmark Channel and My Reading Life - #SOL18 3/6/18

 **I'm so grateful to the #SOL community for welcoming me each and every time I post a slice. Thank you so very much to the team at Two Writing Teachers for coordinating and hosting this slicing community for the entire month of March for the Slice of Life Challenge. You all rock!!**

During this year's challenge, my plan is to reflect on a slice of my life from that day, or the day before, and write about it. No theme to tie my writing together this year, no plans ahead of time.  Just glimpses into slices of my days. Not having a plan is a very uncomfortable place for me, both as a person and a writer, so fingers crossed for the 27 days remaining!

I was sitting on the couch tonight, scrolling through my Facebook feed, and I saw a clip for a Hallmark movie with Andie McDowell, and it immediately transported me back to last Friday, when I spent the afternoon visiting with a friend. I found myself smiling as I remembered our conversation.

I bet you read a lot while you were in Florida. I know you love to read, and you read quickly.

I actually did read quite a bit, but I also reread some things during the month of January, as well as found some new authors that amuse me.

Really? I can't even get a magazine read right now. What kind of books would you purposefully reread?

Well, I was looking for some lighthearted "brain candy" so I read quite a few romance books. You know they are such a pleasure to read - formulaic plot, and a predictable ending where the guy and girl get together and profess their undying love. Happily ever after for all.

Oh, I know exactly what you mean! That's why I plan on watching the Hallmark channel all day Saturday; one happy ending after another.

I chuckled about this conversation last Friday, and the clip on Facebook just brought it all rushing back. Who knew one of my favorite reading formats is the equivalent of the Hallmark Channel?!


  1. I did! Because I love both. Nora Robert is one of my favorite "brain candy" authors. I love the way she weaves a story, even if I can predict what will happen. that's part of the fun. And since I retired, I've become of fan of Hallmark movies. If the news is getting to be too much and the world around me seems dark and depressing, a Hallmark movie in the afternoon when my husband heads to work for a couple of hours is the perfect thing. They always make me happy.

  2. I don't think I have ever experienced either... I am wondering why you needed to reread them -- are you closing reading for something? You did say it was purposeful rereading --hum... I may have to do some researching on this !!! LOL Love how you captured the conversation - you made me giggle!! Enjoy