Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Tribute to Ireland on St. Patrick's Day - #SOL18 - 3/17/18

**I'm so grateful to the #SOL community for welcoming me each and every time I post a slice. Thank you so very much to the team at Two Writing Teachers for coordinating and hosting this slicing community for the entire month of March for the Slice of Life Challenge. You all rock!!**

*During this year's challenge, my plan is to reflect on a slice of my life from that day, or the day before, and write about it. No theme to tie my writing together this year, no plans ahead of time.  Just glimpses into slices of my days. Not having a plan is a very uncomfortable place for me, both as a person and a writer, so fingers crossed for the 14 remaining days!*

My oldest daughter and I traveled to Ireland this past September to celebrate my retirement and her 30th birthday, and we had an amazing time! That trip could be multiple slices. However, on St. Patrick's Day, I decided my slice would be very visual in nature - sort of a photo essay, with some captions to share what you're seeing. I could overwhelm you with all the pictures I took, but I culled it down to a somewhat manageable amount.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Starting in the Republic of Ireland:

An overlook in Killarney

Killarney - fences made with stone

Limerick - bridges transverse the river that runs through it

Limerick - The Locke Pub.
By far, our favorite pub - music, dancing, good food.

Dingle Peninsula - Dunquin Beach

Dingle Peninsula -
View of the beach from the parking lot.
We had to hike down to the beach.

Dingle Peninsula -
a shrine for St. Brigid of Kildaire

The Cliffs of Moher in Galway

The Gap of Dunloe

Moving into Northern Ireland:

The Giant's Causeway
The Giant's Causeway

Dark Hedges 

Dunluce Castle

View from Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle

The Peace Bridge connecting Derry and Londonderry

And the rainbow after the rain -
Castlerock - Downhill Strand Beach

And now the picture that graces our fireplace mantle, courtesy of Shutterfly, serving as a wonderful memory of our trip to Ireland:


  1. When I saw you were talking about Ireland, I had to stop. These pictures are so beautiful. You make me want to jump on a plane tonight! Now that would be an Irish celebration.

  2. Gorgeous! ! I went in college and have not been back since. I LOVE St. Pat's day. We went to see the Dropkick Murphy's last night, a pub this afternoon with Tammy and George and off to a party tonight ! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What beautiful pictures! I bet that trip is full of wonderful memories. I like the way you used the photo essay technique.

  4. I love the visual aspect of this post...and the collage over the fireplace, memories and photos tell stories too.