Monday, March 26, 2018

The beauty of sharing book titles - #SOL18 - 3/26/18

**I'm so grateful to the #SOL community for welcoming me each and every time I post a slice. Thank you so very much to the team at Two Writing Teachers for coordinating and hosting this slicing community for the entire month of March for the Slice of Life Challenge. You all rock!!**

*During this year's challenge, my plan is to reflect on a slice of my life from that day, or the day before, and write about it. No theme to tie my writing together this year, no plans ahead of time.  Just glimpses into slices of my days. Not having a plan is a very uncomfortable place for me, both as a person and a writer, so fingers crossed for the 5 remaining days!

There is a beauty in sharing books with others.

Like the time this January I reconnected with college friends after 40 years, and one of my favorite parts was when there was a sharing of adult book titles we loved. One of those titles actually became a book club choice for one of my book clubs the very next month after I recommended it to them!

Then there was a recent retirement luncheon when the person across the table for me asked what I was currently reading, and it evolved into everyone chiming in and sharing titles across the entire table of ten.

This past Saturday, my trainer, Tami, was talking about the Easter basket she wanted to put together for her son, M. She wanted to include some books, so she asked me for my recommendations. Luckily, I had just read the following three:

I was more than happy to recommend all three of them to her. I knew her little guy (a kindergartener) would really dig the visual nature of Baby Monkey, Private Eye.

If you don't know these books, and you read with children, they are all great. But I have to say the biggest must have of these for me is The Rabbit Listened. I read this book multiple times to capture all that it had to offer in terms of message. 

It is a children's picture book, but it would also be a great book to use with adult learners. Coaching and collaboration requires a high level of trust, and this book addresses one of the keys to developing that trust. 

Loved this book, and will be purchasing it immediately.

Since sharing books is a thing of beauty, feel free to share one or two titles you are loving as well.

Happy reading!


  1. Oh, I can never get too many book recommendations! Baby Monkey, Private Eye has come up before, but the other two are new to me. I'll have to check them out. I just love picture books!

  2. This was the perfect day for me to stop because you are one of my favorite book recommenders. I haven't read a book you recommended that I didn't love. Keep sharing your love of books with the rest of us. It's a gift.

  3. I started listening to a YA novel that I saw recommended in a couple of places. The book received some great praise. It is called The Astonishing Color of After. I am not far into the book but it had me right from page one. The narrator is great. It is definitely YA but the writing is amazing. The book called to me because it is about a girl who believes that her mother turned into a red bird when she died. Recently, I posted about cardinals and how they can remind us of loved ones who have passed. So I knew I MUST read this book. So far I am NOT disappointed! I want to tell everyone about this book!

  4. Hurray! New books to read! I have BRAVE and actually just read it yesterday, but I haven't read either of the other two. RABBIT LISTENED sounds like one I need to own, and maybe give to the coaches I work with. I just read DEAR UNIVERSE, one of the few Newbery books that I actually thought I would share with kids. And right now I'm reading THE NEWCOMERS. It's adult, narrative nonfiction, by a Denver journalist who spent a year in an ELL classroom, with kids who are new to the United States. It's really strong content, but a little slow to read. I want to get hold of the one Karen commented about, I love having an audio book in the car.

  5. I love that you said, “Coaching and collaboration requires a high level of trust, and this book addresses one of the keys to developing that trust.” This is such an accurate statement. From an educators standpoint, we look for trustworthy books and research to use for our own professional development. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between all of the conflicting information about issues and best practices. Collaborating with others has proven to be one of the most useful tools for me. Other people provide suggestions and experiences that help direct you to make choices in your own life, whether personally or professionally. As a teacher, we also provide our students with a trustworthy source for information and guidance. I think as we grow in our own literate lives, we need to develop the ability to be critical in our deciphering of the information we come across whether in print or media. It is also our duty as educators to teacher our students to do the same. Reading for enjoyment is one thing… reading for information is quite another. The article by Hilary Janks called The Importance of Critical Literacy outlines a points about critical literacy...We need to teach them to think about what position author’s are taking in their writing. Are they trying to convince you of anything? Who are they targeting? Who will benefit from their information? Who will not? Are you ok with resisting their information?
    Thank you for your post!

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