Monday, March 19, 2018

Bad Habit Help Needed - #SOL18 - 3/19/18

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Hi, I'm Karen, and I pick at my nails and hangnails.

This has been a habit I've had my entire life. I've tried many remedies to cure this habit:

  • When I was younger,  I would use Sally Hansen polish to strengthen my nails. It didn't work.
  • Went to a nail salon and wore acrylic nails for years - stopped because of the expense and all the fumes and dust from the drilling each time. And I just couldn't believe that wearing acrylic all the time was good for the health of my nails.
  • Several years ago, I tried gel or shellac polish to strengthen my nails. It would be wonderful for about 7 - 9 days, and then the polish would begin to lift. As soon as I began to feel that lift, I would begin to pick again. When doing that with gel or shellac, I was also peeling off layers of my nail as well. Not good.
  • A year ago, I tried a nail salon again, this time going to improve my nails; getting a manicure with a nice coat of polish. Again, it looked good for about 7 days, but then I would need to file and re-polish at that point. Hangnails became the culprit - my nails were fine, but hangnails began to appear, and I couldn't leave those alone.
Which brings me to today, and the fact that I'd love to fix this bad habit if I can.

This is a definitely a "first world" problem for me to have. But I'm curious - if you read this post, and have had the same issue, I would love to hear how you handle it. 


  1. I think there are some natural "finishes" for nails that do strengthen them and don't chip off all the time. A friend of mine uses Sally Hansen Natural Shine and loves it.

  2. I don't pick at the hangnails, but clip them away as soon as possible. I always break a nail, so I always carry a fingernail clipper in my purse. I wish I had advice for nice nails but I'm resigned to never having a set of nails the same length.

  3. This will sound gross, but if I pick my toes I'm less likely to pick my fingernails. I know it's disgusting, but I bit my nails for years and tried fake nails and polish. Nothing worked. Then I started playing w/ my feet. It started when I tried to give myself relief for a hangnail. This method doesn't work, obviously, when I'm at work, but it does if I'm lounging on the couch or lying in bed awake at night. Now it's just the pedicure I ruin.

  4. We used a type of polish that taste bad for my son when he was biting his nails. Worked like a charm!! We used Mavala Stop.

  5. Karen, you are not alone. I have the same issues and it goes in waves. Some times my nails grow beautifully and I take care of them with a manicure for a treat! Then when the weather changes and stress arrives ... I pick and pick and pick and bite and pick. I have no remedy, just comfort in knowing that I'm not alone. :) "Hang" in there.