Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Bookends of My Day - #SOL18 - 3/21/18

**I'm so grateful to the #SOL community for welcoming me each and every time I post a slice. Thank you so very much to the team at Two Writing Teachers for coordinating and hosting this slicing community for the entire month of March for the Slice of Life Challenge. You all rock!!**

*During this year's challenge, my plan is to reflect on a slice of my life from that day, or the day before, and write about it. No theme to tie my writing together this year, no plans ahead of time.  Just glimpses into slices of my days. Not having a plan is a very uncomfortable place for me, both as a person and a writer, so fingers crossed for the 10 remaining days!*

Morning bookend

Our youngest daughter texted very early this morning to share she had decided she wanted to drive up from Nashville to visit us Easter weekend. We haven't seen her since Christmas, and weren't going to see her again until the end of June for a family wedding. She decided that was just too long to wait to see her family.

I couldn't be more delighted that all four of us will be together next weekend. Such a gift!

Evening bookend

After a lovely yoga class, I came home to a stuffed-up, sneezy, slightly whiny spouse. The respiratory ailment that affected so many this winter had found him. On the kitchen counter, I saw a variety of medicines lined up: Vicks, Vitamin C, Zicam, cough medicine. He was pulling out all the big guns.

After I checked with him to see how he was doing, I started in on my own preparations - the container of Clorox Wipes came out, and I've been wiping down refrigerator door handles, faucets, remote controls, other door handles, you name it. I'm truly not sure I can outrun this illness, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

Sure hope we are both feeling better by next Friday when our youngest comes to visit!

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  1. Oh, Karen, I hope you feel better soon! It's wonderful that your daughter will be home. Enjoy!