Sunday, December 28, 2008

Looking for Newbery - Day 3

I'm still looking for Newbery, but I'll be a little sidetracked today because my entire side of the family is coming for our Christmas celebration together. I'll be doing a lot of cooking and cleaning and baking in preparation. So, because my time is a little short, I am going to re-look at a book I reviewed this summer.

Hate That Cat, by Sharon Creech was the companion book to Love That Dog. As compiled by Fuse #8, it was mentioned on at least three mock Newbery lists. I loved it, and am going to refer you to my review of this book back in July. You will actually get a bonus here, because I have a link to Mary Lee's (A Year of Reading) review also.

If Hate That Cat would win a Newbery award, my students would be so excited!! We have done a 3 week study of Love that Dog and Hate That Cat -- they have been enthralled by it!! It is amazing how Creech can say so much with so few words!

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