Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday Reflections on Saturday

1) Yesterday was my last day with students for 2 weeks. I love this class, and will miss them a bit over break, but I am truly looking forward to 2 whole weeks devoted to my family, my friends, and me (and this part includes a lot of reading and blogging!!).

2) When I got home tonight, I spent some time talking to my daughter who is home from college, and then after she went out for the evening, I spent the rest of my evening writing my Christmas cards, and I got them all done!! I think tonight was the first day in a string of days to come that will be devoted to getting prepared for Christmas, as I relax in my own home. Saturday and Sunday will be for cleaning the basement and baking. I love working at my own pace. I am so fortunate to have these days off!

3) The last 2 weeks in school, I introduced my students to Sharon Creech's Love that Dog, and then the latest book, Hate That Cat. Most of them had never heard, or read, a book in verse before, and they are truly enjoying it. It's been great to compare the two books that have the same main character, and to see what carries over from the first book into the second book. I personally just love the teacher in the book, Miss Stretchberry. She is truly interested in expanding Jack's writing abilities -- I'm very impressed with how well she stays current with his writer's notebook. She's a good role model for me!

4) I am currently reading two writing books that are making a huge difference in how I see writing in my class's workshop -- Writing to Persuade by Karen Caine and Assessing Writers by Carl Anderson. I plan to continue to peruse these books over break, and spend some time doing "big thinking" about writing workshop in my classroom for the rest of the year.

5) I haven't been writing or blogging regularly the last few months, and I realized recently that I miss it. It is still difficult for me to make time to write some days, but I share with my students on a regular basis how important it is for them to practice the crafts of reading and writing. Well, the same is true for me. I need to spend a little more time practicing my crafts. It will be easier to do over break; I hope I can make it a habit that continues after I go back to school in January.

That's all for now. Good night, and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Oh Karen, wonderful plans for winter break! I started reading Assessing Writers as well, and I really like this book. Got me to do a lot of thinking. Also, thank you for your kind words on my blog, and please feel free to do the Peace theme anytime, that's why I am sharing, so we can all learn from each other. Have a wonderful holidays!