Sunday, December 14, 2008

James Preller interviews Us

Bill and I were fortunate recently to have James Preller (author of Jigsaw Jones, Six Innings, Along Came Spider) ask if he could interview the two of us together. We were excited about this opportunity for several reasons.

First, I read and fell in love with one of his most recent books, Along Came Spider, this past summer. A friend of James came across my post, told James about it, he read the post, left a comment for me, and voila! -- we became connected through our respective blogs.

Second, James is the author Bill has arranged to visit our school for two days in the spring. We are so looking forward to meeting him in person. And because he can stay for two days, we may have the opportunity for him to work with some of the upper grade students in a writing seminar / workshop setting. How wonderful that will be!

Finally, something James says in our interview rings so true -- the connectedness of the kidlit blogosphere is truly amazing! We have some basic core commonalities that join us all together as a community. The fact that this interview actually happened to us is a perfect example of this.

So, if you'd like to see what James asked, and what Bill and I had to say in repsonse, stop on by.


  1. I LOVE this interview:-)Such thoughtful questions and answers:-)

  2. Hi Karen and Bill,
    I loved having the tables turned on you for the interview, rather than the author. Another reason I love to read your blog