Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trading Spaces Library Style

WHEW! The start of school craziness has really cut into my blogging and reading time! Between getting my library ready, my kids ready, and attending all of the beginning of the year events, curriculum nights, soccer games, meet the teacher, time is limited. However, I'm finding time now to share the pix of my new space as part of Franki and Mary Lee's Trading Spaces event.

Last year when I moved into the library, I inherited a lab of approximately 25 old blue Mac computers. I gave them a year of crowding my space to see how they were used. What I found was that I was the only one that used them much, and they were slow and frustrating. So, I got permission to remove them and was able to open a great little reading nook for the kids. Everything you see in the pictures was already in the library somewhere and it gave my space a cluttered look. By opening up the reading nook, I also created more open space in the whole room, making traffic flow much smoother and workable. I can't wait for the kids to start using the space next week, as they visit me this week, they are excited about spending some time back there too. Here are the pix with some brief captions.

First, let me share the mural we had painted about 3 years ago. As I have mentioned our former principal retired to do mission work in Africa, and our PTO paid to carry that theme into the library. I had to cut the mural into to halves to show you, and believe me these photos don't really do it justice.
Next is the space created by removing the computers and moving all of the pieces of furniture in. It's still a little sparse, but it's a beginning.And now some close ups of the new reading nook. In the first I have displayed part of my Presidential Election Collection. I'm still waiting for the current candidates to produce their signs with running mates to add to the top. I've built this collection over the years with the help of students and parents.The huge bean bag chair in this picture is awesome! I find myself wanting to take a nap on it from time to time, and the kids love it. The really cool thing is that it never loses its shape or flattens out, it also weighs about a ton! The George Washington portrait came from my parents who think every classroom needs a portrait of George Washington. One of my second graders couldn't believe that I could afford such a beautiful portrait.
I found that it's really hard to take pictures that show off this space, but hopefully you get the idea. I've heard many very positive comments on how comfortable the area looks and how inviting it feels from parents, colleagues and kids. It's a work in progress, but I'm pleased with the results so far.


  1. Love this space!
    Can't wait to visit:-)

  2. Oh wow! I want to curl up there and read a book! Congrats on a job well done!

  3. Love those old campaign posters!!!

  4. I love how you are maximing the use of the effect that all those tall posters create in the library! Awesome.

  5. It's always nice to see what other libraries are doing with their space. The mural is so cool. Your post is giving me ideas for the libraries where I work - thanks!