Thursday, August 7, 2008

Otto Runs for President

In keeping with the theme of finding some new election books for the upcoming school year, Otto Runs For President by Rosemary Wells is a fun look at an election that will be great for younger kids.

It's time to elect the school president at Barkadelphia School and the popular kids/puppies Tiffany the cutest and smartest is sure she will win and so are her friends. On the other hand Charles the best athlete says he will win because he has been captain of all the sports teams.

Of course they both get the help of their over zealous parents to work on their campaign, and both are guaranteed a win by Mommy and Daddy. The next day stickers supporting the candidates appear, but quiet Otto and his friends notice the campaigns don't believe Charles and Tiffany are interested in the student body's needs, just winning, and Otto enters the race.

While the popular dogs are mud slinging at each other, Otto begins to ask all of the students starting with the kindergarten what they would like to see. The mud slinging continues and gets meaner and Otto stays above the fray.

When the results are tallied and revealed, Tiffany and Charles are shocked to hear they hadn't won, and Otto had. The parents of the two are also disappointed and Tiffany's mom says Barkadelphia is a "blip" and she will win in junior high.

I like the simplicity of this book for younger kids. I think it will make a great intro to the election and campaign process. It will be easy for teachers to tie it to the current events students are seeing and hearing every day.

The illustrations are very fun and the characters really come out in the drawings of Tiffany the poodle and Charles the bull dog.

I like this one! I found this review at Shelf Employed.

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