Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Goals Update

OK, so I didn't do quite as bad as I originally thought, but it was purely by accident, because it's not like I checked back to look at my progress. Here's my report!
1) RELAX! Yes, thank you! A couple of days at Lakeside with the lovely Mrs., a very fun weekend with my friends golfing in MI, lots of lazy days sitting on my screen porch, GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!

2) Read a lot, I've been doing pretty well with this one so far. CHECK!

3) Have two successful student trips to Boston. CHECK! and CHECK! The first was a bit rocky with some sick kids, but thanks to some excellent chaperone help, all was well!

4) Improve my golf game before my August trip to Michigan. YEAH, WELL, not for a lack of trying!

5) Find at least one book for our Grand Discussions next year. A few possibles, but nothing definite yet. The Underneath might work, even though, (please take a deep breath and sit down) I'm not that crazy about it.

6) Take more morning bike rides. NO, DIDN'T HAPPEN!

There you have it all in all I have to label this a pretty successful summer, I just am not really ready for it to end.

1 comment:

  1. Like I said in the round up, I call meeting goals by accident Good Goal Writing!

    But what's that about The Underneath?!?!? I'm choosing to ignore that comment until we can talk in person.