Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Slice of Life - May 13

Well, life certainly does get in the way sometime. This morning (Wednesday), I was putting on my makeup and drying my hair, when I had a realization -- I forgot to post my slice of life on Tuesday. Whoops! So, as my blog buddy, Bill, said to me walking into school today, "Better late than never" ...

Mother's Day Weekend

- Get up super early to pre-prepare all the food for our family gathering for Mother's Day this evening.
- My parents arrive at 11:30, as we are going to play golf this afternoon.
- The 4 of us, M (my husband), my parents, and I, play nine holes of golf. It was the first nice day we've had in a while. The company was great, and I had enough good shots, that I think I'm already looking forward to my next golf outing.
- The four of us get back to our house about 4, but the rest of the guests are not due to arrive until 5:30. Problem - we're all starved now. So, what does a good hostess do? Forage in her pantry, and then steal away some of the appetizers meant for later, of course!
- When my tummy is full, I change out of my golfing outfit into something a little warmer ( it got cooler outside).
- Everyone else arrives at 5:30, and we have a lovely time. Good food, good conversations. We even got a whole family picture taken. And of couse, we used the screened porch as one of our gathering areas!

- For the first time in over 6 months, I don't set an alarm clock. I sleep until almost 10 AM -- that is unheard of for me!
- I wake up to very rainy, dreary weather. Not to worry. My wonderful husband, M, braved the elements and went to get me a croissant from a place I love. It's especially appreciated because he hates everything about going there!
- My early riser daughter, K, gave me a card. I love her thoughtfulness.
- At this point, I'm still in my pjs. I read the entire newspaper, cover to cover.
- My younger daughter, C, finally got up. She had a card for me, also. In her case, it was like they wrote the card especially for her (you'd have to know her to understand).
- The girls give me my mother's day present. I got the latest James Patterson book, and a coupon for dinner and a movie with them -- I love that they gave me the gift of time with them! We'll have to schedule around their work schedules, but I'm really looking forward to it!
- Tornado sirens go off, just as the girls and I are trying to decide what DVD to watch together today at home. We have to go to the basement, and wait it out.
- Since C has to go to work soon, we decide to wait and watch our movie choice tonight after her work.
- It's about 2:00 PM now, and I'm still in my pjs! I sit down with my laptop, catch up on other people's blogs, and get a few written myself, ready to post for later in the week.
- I'm starting to think it's about time to shower, so I'm headed upstairs soon.
- Tonight we're going out to dinner together (Hyde Park Grille - yum!), followed by the movie (27 Dresses - very funny!) with the girls.

What I didn't do on Mother's Day:
- grocery shopping
- laundry
- any type of cleaning

Was this a great weekend or what??!! I feel very fortunate!

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  1. No cleaning, laundry or shopping ... that is a great day, right?
    Happy day to you

  2. Karen,
    What a great way to share the weekend with us. Glad to see how much you enjoyed your weekend with family.