Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Gollywhopper Games revisited

After I read The Gollywhopper Games, I just had to post about it because I loved it that much! Well, it turns out I'm in good company. My students just wrote their last Mrs. T letters to me. These letters are an opportunity for my children to share what's going on in their reading lives with me every 3 weeks. In this last letter, eight of the twelve students reading The Gollywhopper Games for their Book Club right now, said this is their favorite book of all time!!! That's a pretty bold statement, and one I didn't take lightly -- I just had to pass it along. (As a side note, the Book Club conversations about this book have been amazing!)

So, you had an adult's perspective before. You now have the experts' opinions -- my students! :) Put this book on your summer to-read list or your 48 Hour Challenge to-read list. The Gollywhopper Games is a really good time!


  1. Okay, I will add this to my 48 Hour Read list:-)
    I'll pick it up this week. Thanks!

  2. One of my spies sent me here to read this. I hope you don't mind that I'm speaking up, but I had to thank you for introducing The Gollywhopper Games to your students. I'm so excited they like the story that much.

    If you feel it's appropriate, mention to them that I'm holding a contest -- with a new puzzle to solve -- for 8-15 year olds at (hit the Contests balloon).

    My best,
    Jody Feldman