Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Last Book Clubs of the Year

Yikes! How time flies! My 5th graders just signed up for their last book clubs of the year. We all shared titles on Monday that we thought would lead us to strong discussions -- 11 titles were recommended by different students in our class. In the end, five titles came out as the books groups wanted to spend their last 4 weeks reading, thinking about, and discussing.

The Book Club titles for the end of the year are:

The Gollywhopper Games (reviewed by me)
Swindle (reviewed by Bill)
The Westing Game
Bud, Not Buddy
The Two Princesses of Bamarre

Today, I gave them a calendar, they decided on a date for their meeting(s), and now we have a master calendar of when everyone will be meeting for these very rich conversations. Now, the students' job is to locate a copy from a friend, our school library, our public library, or a bookstore. Most told me today that they had already used the reserve system at our public library to reserve a copy of their book -- how cool is that?! Fifth graders accessing books on their own! Totally cool!

I love that, even in May, my students continue to delight me with the importance they put on their reading lives!! I look forward to listening in on all their wonderful conversations about their chosen books.


  1. I can trump a 5th grader reserving books online from the public library -- I had one last year who had her library card number MEMORIZED.