Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Slice of Life -- week of April 28

My husband and I just celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. The night before our anniversary was a Saturday, and my thoughtful husband got reservations for us at one of our favorite restaurants. We had a lovely dinner -- wonderful setting and ambience, delightful company, and delicious food (we did all the courses -- appetizers, salad, entree, and a shared dessert). And as nice as all that was, the best part came the next day.

On our actual anniversary, I had a lot of errands to do. I decided to also add to my "to do" list, a trip to my favorite meat market -- Weiland's. I was going to get some really good steaks to grill out for dinner. Since it was our anniversary, I asked my husband, M, if he wanted to go on a field trip with me to Weiland's. He hesitated, but gave in reluctantly (after all, it was our anniversary), and off we went. We got to the market, and spent about twenty to thirty minutes looking at and ordering the meat, checking out the deli, and discovering Weiland's premade food -- M found his new favorite thing -- already-made twice-baked potato. We checked out, loaded our groceries in the car, and headed home. We were in a much more eclectic neighborhood than where we actually live, so as we drove, we enjoyed noticing all the different businesses and the different neighborhoods. On the way, we stopped at a gas station where I had earned $1.80 off each gallon of gas, so we filled up the tank. We marveled at the price we paid -- it's been a long, long time since we paid that little!! We joked about being "old" and paying so much attention to the gas pump prices -- we were so proud of our deal!

So, if you're wondering where I'm going with this, here it is: that Sunday, our anniversary, was full of the small moments (or "slices") of life. We did them together and had a blast. It wasn't a romantic getaway to some tropical island, but instead, it was the everyday moments that I spent with M that day that made me realize why we've stayed married for 23 years, and why I look forward to many, many more years together! Sure, I'd take the island getaway, but life is really more about those small, everyday moments. Those are the moments that a marriage consists of, and I plan to treasure all of them.

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  1. Congratulations.
    And I hope you do have many more wonderful years together.

  2. Mazel Tov! I just got married in October, so we haven't even hit a year yet but I will keep your post in mind as a reminder to appreciate the small and little things my husband and I do together.

  3. Congrats Karen, without the pomp and circumstance.

  4. This post brought a smile to my face and I pray that I can have the same meaningful moments in the years to come (my husband an I shared our 11th anniversary earlier this month). Happy anniversary and many more!

  5. Happy Anniversary and thanks for the reminder that the everyday slices are where the treasure is to be found.

  6. Happy anniversary, Karen! In fact, I'm just going to 'ditto' Pati's comment. It's so important to remember that it's the everyday moments that fill our lives and hearts and keep us going through harder times. You and M have something truly special.

  7. Congrats!
    My fiance and I are getting married in January, I'm looking forward to many anniversarys.

    This post really touched me because it really is the simple things that Justin and I do together that make our love strong.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. hi!
    Happy Anniversary (belated)! What a great post. Made me happy:-)

  9. An anniversary trip to Weilands! Warmed the cockles of my heart!!!


  10. Karen, I don't know if you go back to read comments that come to your blog later; I am spending the early morning catching up with some of the Blogs I enjoyed during the Slice of Life Challenge. Your Blog was always one of my favorites.

    I loved reading about your Anniversary day. 23 years is a great accomplishment in today's world of married life. Congratulations. My husband and I have been married 37 years and I love the words you used: "Those are the moments that marriage consists of, and I plan to treasure all of them." What a good motto for married life: "Treasure the moments." Thank you.