Saturday, April 26, 2008

LuLu Atlantis: A Bizarre One

I guess I just didn't get this one! It started right and all. LuLu is feeling left out due to the birth of her new baby brother and she runs away from home. So far so good. She makes friends with an imaginary spider in top hat and gloves. Cute. She goes back home after running into a frog prince and a skunk with an empty yogurt container on his head...and this is where it lost me.

LuLu meets and converses with a number of strange characters, the Gangster Bakers, a heavenly evil cat princess with gold boots and plenty of bling, a cranky aunt and hard of hearing grandfather. Throughout, the characters converse with each other , especially LuLu's mother who seems a little spacey and is called Mother by all of the other characters. I found it hard to distinguish the real from the imaginary and who could see and talk to who.

And finally, there is the Eggman! Coo Coo ka Choo! WHO IS HE!? He sells eggs to the locals that he gets from the nearby farmer who doesn't seem to like anybody near his farm. The Eggman is always around, at family celebrations and at the family picnic at when tragedy strikes, all the while, LuLu's father is never around. Something fishy is going on here!

All in all, a very bizarre, confusing little book that I won't recommend to anyone, but I felt compelled to finish it to see if I could figure it out in the end. I didn't. I guess like I said in the beginning, I just don't get this one!


  1. The review was hilarious! I am glad you read it just to write that review! How old is the author? Could it be a little 60's revisited??

  2. I felt the same way about this book. I kept thinking that somehow it would all come together, but it never did for me. Nice to know I'm not alone :)